Frenectomy as a Multidisciplinary Prostho--Perio Management Approach for Partial Denture: A Case Report


Background: The frenulum is defined as a thin membrane attached to the alveolar mucosa and periosteum which limits lip movement. The attachment of frenulum may influence prosthetic construction in denture making.

Objective: To describe frenectomy in prostho–perio cases for the manufacture of partial dentures.

Case Report: A 38-year-old woman presented to the Prosthodontic Department of Hasanuddin University Dental and Oral Hospital for an artificial tooth implant. The patient was referred to the periodontic department by a prosthodontist for frenectomy. Intraoral examination showed a high frenulum from the alveolar crest to the labial mucosa of the upper jaw. The patient had no history of hypersensitivity and was diagnosed with gingival frenal attachment. Surgical excision was performed, and frenulum tissue was excised, which was followed by irrigation and suturing.

Results: The control period of one week post treatment showed good outcomes when the patient was referred to the prosthodontist.

Conclusion: Frenectomy helps in preparing denture placement in high frenulum cases.

Keywords: frenulum, frenectomy, prospective surgery

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