Socket Preservation Using Bovine Bone Graft and Pericardium Membrane: A Case Report


Background: Tooth extraction is followed by a resorption of the bone in the buccal or facial portion, up to 50% in the first six months after the extraction. Bone loss mainly results from damage to the periodontal bone ligament complex. Socket preservation is a surgical procedure aimed to maintain an alveolar ridge after extraction, eliminating or minimizing the need for future augmentation in implant-prosthetic rehabilitation. Socket preservation techniques use some regenerative material such as bone graft and membrane.

Objective: To discuss socket preservation procedures using bovine bone graft and pericardium membrane.

Method: A 48-year-old woman presented to the Dental and Oral Hospital of Hasanuddin University to have tooth 47, which was mobile and extruded, extracted. Patient had no systemic disease and did not use any drugs. Clinical and radiograph examinations showed bone resorption in the surrounding edentulous area. The patient wanted to wear prosthesis but the bone resorption showed that socket preservation was needed to maintain the alveolar ridge high. The case was diagnosed as chronic periodontitis. Atraumatic extraction was done and bovine bone graft was placed in the socket, followed by the placement of pericardium membrane. Soft tissue healing was clinically evaluated.

Results: Control period after one week showed apparent uneventful clinical healing in the socket. Patient was satisfied with the treatment.

Conclusion: The socket preservation procedure is an effective treatment for maintaining the alveolar ridge high from excessive resorption, especially for prosthesis treatment.

Keywords: alveolar ridge, bone bovine, pericardium membrane, socket preservation

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