Development of Meat Snack Production Technology Using Herbal Ingredients


The relevance of the topic is obvious: snacks are very common in Russia as a product which is used to satisfy hunger on the go. But their market can be filled with both high and low-grade quality products. To be sure in the type of product, you need to know about raw materials, manufacturing technology, and methods of product identification. Moreover, modern people try to monitor their nutrition. This is evidenced by the development of such areas as functional nutrition. Therefore, snacks should not just be properly prepared, they should meet the standards of healthy nutrition. The aim of the article was to study the composition and properties of pumpkin oil, mustard cake and starter cultures of microorganisms, their influence on the quality indicators of meat snacks, the development of recipes and technologies of meat snacks with vegetable components, and the assessment of their quality, taking into account consumer preferences. Literature sources were analysed and patents were searched. This work will allow us to create competitive meat snacks that combine high consumer and functional properties, and recommend their implementation on an industrial scale at meat processing enterprises.

Keywords: meat snacks, meat and vegetable products, herbal ingredients, mustard cake, pumpkin seed oil, starter crops

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