Chemicals for Protecting Corn Crops from Cotton Budworm


Agrarian research is aimed at increasing crop yields by using modern agricultural technologies, including plant protection drugs. Certain corn pests have an annual distribution, but their harmfulness depends on overwintering and weather and climatic conditions in the spring and summer growing seasons. In 2016-2019, research was conducted to reduce the harmfulness of phytophages on corn crops. The species composition of the pests was studied and progressive species were identified. Second generation cotton budworms damage corn crops. The most effective insecticides against cotton budworms were selected. Chemical insecticides and microbiological drugs were identified. With a timely double spraying of corn with Lepidocide, the biological efficiency was 80%. Analyzing the data of insecticide tests, we have identified promising insecticides against cotton budworms that damage corn crops in the steppe arid zone of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

Keywords: corn, phytosanitary monitoring, identification, cotton budworm, insecticides, economic efficiency, biological efficiency

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