Productivity of Super Intensive Mother Plantations of the Violet Early Variety Under Different Modes of Loading the Bushes with Shoots


This paper presents the results of a multi-year study aimed at developing super intensive mother plantations. The effect of different modes of shoot load on grape bushes of the hard-to-root variety Violet Early was shown. A comprehensive study of physiological anatomical changes in the vine under various load conditions was conducted to demonstrate the quality and number of cuttings prepared. The efficiency of the creation of super intensive mother plantations on sandy soils in the Chechen Republic was analyzed. The presence of such mother plants allowed timely harvesting of cuttings to use those of the best quality for reproduction. In the experiments, the net income amounted to 23,717.21 thousand rubles, so it almost doubled; and the profitability attained 140.87%, which was 79% more than that in the control.

Keywords: grapes, variety, load of shoots, mother plants, cuttings, seedlings, sandy soils, yield

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