Cultivation of Coriander in the Conditions of the Foothill Zone of the Republic of Ingushetia


This paper presents a comprehensive study of the features of growth and development of coriander. The study aims to assess the effect of fertilizers, sowing time and seeding rates on the passage of phenological phases, plant height, sowing quality of seeds, leaf area and essential oil content. The paper addresses the issue of using carbon derivatives (fullerenes) as growth stimulants. The effects of fertilizers and fullerenes on plant height and laboratory seed germination are compared. The effects of the pre-sowing application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers and of foliar application of double superphosphate are highlighted and described. It is shown that the change in coriander leaves is dependent on the level of plant nutrient supply. The effects of sowing time and soil nutrient levels on the seed yield are considered. The study shows which factors had a greater impact on the content of essential oil in coriander fruits and, accordingly, on its harvest. The practical experience of coriander cultivation in the conditions of the foothill zone of the Republic of Ingushetia is summarized.

Keywords: coriander, fertilizer, phenological phases, fullerenes, essential oil

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