Winter Rapeseed in the Autumn and Spring Growing Seasons in the Republic of Ingushetia


This article examines the varieties and effectiveness of fertilizers for winter rapeseed, the dynamics of the production process of crops at different sowing times, and the influence on the yield of oilseed fertilization of crops, the green mass of which was used for feed in the autumn growing season. The study and optimization of the assortment, research and development of technologies for growing highly productive crops of winter rapeseed is crucial. In this article, the authors summarize the literature and substantiate new directions for the use of winter rape crops for green fodder and oilseeds in different countries and regions of the Russian Federation. The article studies three domestic varieties of the All-Russian Research Institute of Oilseeds named after academician V.S. Pustovoit and one variety of foreign selection. The article identifies the dynamics of biomass accumulation and changes in the morphometric parameters of winter rape plants in the autumn growing season, depending on the timing of sowing. It also studies the productivity and quality of the green mass of winter rape and the possibility of using it for forage purposes. It discusses the yield of winter rape oilseeds, in which the green mass was used in the fall of the sowing year. It also determines the economic efficiency of cultivating the same crops of winter rape used for green mass in the fall and for oilseeds in the spring growing season.

Keywords: winter rapeseed, fertilizers, green mass, oil seeds, vegetation, varieties

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