Biodiversity of Pests in Grain Agrocenosis in Kabardino-Balkaria


The article studies the issues of resistance of winter wheat varieties selected by the State Center of grain n.a. P.P. Lukyanenko and the Institute of Agriculture of the KBRC of the RAS to pests. The studies were conducted in the steppe zone of Kabardino-Balkaria in the conditions of insufficient moisture in 2017-2018. Main diseases of winter wheat were identified, a valuable source material resistant to the main pathogens was isolated, and dominant diseases were established. The most adaptive, highly productive varieties of winter wheat were identified. The most ecologically plastic and stable varieties of winter wheat which can be used as donors were identified. Phytosanitary monitoring of the cotton moth was carried out in corn areas; phytophagous plants and the damage share were determined; progressive diseases were assessed; the species composition and frequency of pathogens were identified in grain areas.

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