Study of the Integration of Disabled Students With Difficulties in Training


The article reflects the experience of the support center for the disabled students at the Ural State University. The study investigates the attitudes of groups of students and teachers toward the integration of students with disabilities. The success of this academic program requires the integration of populations from
different backgrounds. The main factors for the success of the program are the staff and the students. These two factors participate in creating a supportive learning atmosphere. This study observes the attitudes of faculty members (teachers) and students toward the students with disabilities. The study examines their contribution to the program, development of the social and educational climate in terms of this unique and challenging population’s ability to independently perform in an academic environment. The process of integration of students with disabilities into higher education informs the subject of integration in general, and therefore the attitudes of those taking part in the integration. The improvement of this process is the key to its
success. The results of the research can be used to create educational programs for teachers and to organize courses for university students.

Keywords: the students with disabilities, professional education, tutor support center for disable people

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