Dynamics of Cognitive Functions in Patients With Parasellar Meningiomas Undergoing Radiotherapy


This study was focused on neuropsychological analysis of the cognitive functions in patients with parasellar meningiomas undergoing radiation therapy. In these patients, the unilateral hippocampus adjacent to the tumor was partially exposed to irradiation. A novel approach was used to assess particular memory functions
including pattern separation, in subpopulations of subjects prior to the course of radiotherapy, immediately after the course, and 1–2 years after therapy. Our results show a tendency for pattern separation decline in the long-term follow-up. A possible association of these disorders with the effect of the hippocampal region irradiation and inhibition of adult neurogenesis is discussed.

Keywords: cognitive functions, radiation therapy, hippocampus, parasellar meningioma, pattern separation, adult neurogenesis

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