Electrical Properties of Gd- and Mn-Doped Fe2O3-LaFeO3- La2O3 Thick Films for Ethanol Gas Sensors


Herein, electrical properties of ethanol gas sensing based on Gd- and Mn- doped Fe2O3-LaFeO3-La2O3 thick films were investigated. The Gd- and Mn-doped Fe2O3- LaFeO3-La2O3 were synthesized by coprecipitation method and formed to thick films using screen-printing techniques with sintering temperature at 900 ∘C. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy were conducted to determine the crystal and morphological structures. The results showed that the synthesized materials have three phases i.e., tetragonal, cubic, and hexagonal, respectively for Fe2O3-LaFeO3-La2O3. Also, the average particle size is of about 0.51 μm. Among all those circumstances, synthesized materials indicate good performances as ethanol gas sensing that showed in the electrical properties’ measurement. It tested A differently in ethanol containing i.e., 0 ppm, 100 ppm, 200 ppm, and 300 ppm. The highest response to ethanol gases reached at 300 ppm, it is 332 with optimum temperature at 289∘C. We hope our findings could be beneficial and helpful in the perfect fabrication of ethanol gas sensors in future.

Keywords: electrical properties, thick films, doped, ethanol, sensors

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