Improving Vegetative Growth of Sweet Corn Through Filter Cake and Potassium Application


Corn is a widely consumed cereal crop. To improve plant growth and yield, repairing the cultivation technique and environmental modification can be done through organic or inorganic fertilizer addition. The aim of this research was to identify an interaction between potassium and filter cake to corn vegetative growth. This research used Factorial Randomized Block Design with two factors. The first factor was the filter cake dose (0, 10, and 20 tone ha-1and second factor is potassium dose (100, 150, and 200 kg ha-1). There were nine treatments, and they were repeated three times. The variables analyzed were vegetative growth such plant height, number of leaves, length, and volume root. The result showed that a combination of filter cake (20 tone ha-1) and potassium (150 kg ha-1) had the highest plant height at 42 DAP. Potassium independently affected the number of leaves at 24 and 48 DAP. Length of root was independently effected by filter cake application.

Keywords: filter cake, pottasium, sweet corn

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