Training for the Conservation and Planting of Aren Trees in the Dayeuhkolot Village, Sagalaherang Sub- District


Dayeuhkolot Village, in the Sagalaherang Sub-district, Subang District, West Java Province, is striving to become an ecotourism area. One of the products that was intended to be preserved was palm sugar. However, palm trees (Arenga Pinnata) are no longer available in the village. Apart from having economic value, palm trees are important as they are a buffer for the soil since their roots can prevent landslides, which frequently occur at the village during the rainy season. The training program that we implemented to overcome these problems wass the preservation and planting of palm trees. In addition to the training, we also provided 150 palm seeds. To determine the success of tree planting, the team measured the height of the palm trees every month. The results showed that the average growth is 10%.

Keywords: conservation, planting, aren trees

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