The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Robusta Coffee Compared to Neomycin-Bacitracin on Wound Healing by Measuring TNF-1 and bFGF in Fibroblast Cell Cultures


Coffee grounds have been used to dress wounds for more than 100 years, with excellent results. The wound heals with an acceptable scar. This study aims to compare coffee extract to neomycin-bacitracin in cell migration. Compared to the antibiotic neomycin-bacitracin powder group and control group in scar tissue formation, the Robusta coffee powder extract measured positively on Transforming Growth Factor and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor markers. This study emphasizes the ability of coffee to heal wounds without causing excessive scarring. Coffee is proven to have better wound healing capabilities than Neomycin-Bacitracin.

Keywords: coffee grounds, fibroblast cell-line, Transforming Growth Factor, basic Fibroblast Growth Factor

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