KOPIDShield: Safety Partitions as a Novel Approach for Health-Worker's Protection during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Several tests have been developed for Covid-19 diagnosis. One of these tests is a PCR examination with a swab sample. The infection transmission risk to health workers during swab sampling is very high so an adequate protection standard is paramount. A special PPE for Covid-19 specimens’ collection that is safer and can be used for a long time needs to be developed. The study aims to develop a prototype safe facility for collecting Covid-19 specimens with a high level of biosafety standard to prevent infection transmission, ergonomic, and can be used for an extended time. Applied research methods were used to produce a safety partition for Covid-19 specimen collection. The result was a safety partition prototype named KOPIDShield. It is completely impermeable to prevent the transmission of infectious agents from patients to health workers. It is equipped with supporting equipment that allows accurate specimen collection.

Keywords: biosafety, Covid-19, health_ worker_protection, personal_ protection_equipment, transmission_prevention

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