Formulation and Physical Characterization of Sunflower Oil Nano Emulsion Containing Cinnamon Bark Extract


This research developed a sunflower oil nano emulsion containing cinnamon bark extract. Cinnamon bark contains many bioactive compounds that provide various pharmacological benefits, including antioxidant properties. The bark extract, when developed into a nano emulsion system using sunflower oil, improves the antioxidant property. The maceration method using ethanol 95% was used to extract the cinnamon bark and then further developed into the nano emulsion system using between 80 as surfactant and PEG 400 as cosurfactant. The optimum nano emulsion formula contains 4% sunflower oil, and 30% PEG 400. The sunflower oil nano emulsion is transparent, with a globule size of 102 ± 32 nm. The optimum formula of cinnamon bark nano emulsion was achieved with 0.25% extract. This shows good physical characteristics and stability.

Keywords: nanoemulsion, cinnamon bark, sunflower oil

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