The Occurrence of CSN1S1 E Allele on Saanen Goat Population at BBPTU-HPT Baturraden


The CSN1S1 gene is expressed as the milk alpha S1 casein which is valuable for cheese making. Allele E is a mutation of this gene, which is correlated with low quantity of expressed protein. This study aimed to identify the occurrence of CSN1S1 E allele on the Saanen population at BBPTU-HPT Baturraden. Blood samples of 45 does were drawn, followed by DNA isolation using the column spin method. The identification of E allele was carried out by Allele Specific Polymerase Chain Reactions (AS-PCR) with forward primer 5-TCAGGAGCAGTGGGTATGTG-3 and reverse 5-CCTCCCAATGGAATAATGACA-3. Allele E was found as heterozygote genotype with non-E allele in 28 out of 45 samples. This means that F allele frequency was 0.31 and 0.6 for non-E allele. There was no significant difference of milk protein in both groups. In summary, E allele was found in the Saanen goat population in BBPTU HPT Baturraden with no effect on milk protein production.

Keywords: Saanen, CSN1S1, milk, goats, protein.

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