Modelling Concept: Human Resources Professional Transformation in Manufacturing Company


This concept aims to meet the theoretical needs in answering the problem for the roles of the human resource management function in a manufacturing company which involve the HR Division Line Manager. The proposed update is an evolutionary concept of work in human resource management called “Human Resource Professional Transformation”. Specifically, this concept discusses the ability of the HR division line managers to make adaptive changes to the company’s business-oriented functional divisions with managerial competence, commitment, innovation capability, and readiness for changes. This concept was born by synthesizing various search related scientific literature. Based on the theoretical study, it can be concluded that the concept of human resources professional transformation has the potential to improve the performance of line managers in the HR division. Besides this, human resources professional transformation answers the role of the human resource function which integrates the theoretical basis of Human Resource Analytics, Human Resources Professional and Human Resource Transformation as a competitive advantage strategy in facing competition and promoting company success.

Keywords: Managerial Competence, Commitment, Innovation Capability, Readiness

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