Smart Urban Planning at Local Scale: e-Master Plan


Local realm, the pivotal level of the spatial planning action regarding the engage of citizens, is following its path regarding the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The literature considers GIS a powerful tool, allowing a better knowledge of cities and countryside, managing them in an integrated and more efficient way. A detailed and embedded territorial knowledge ensures a most effective and successful urban management. In fact, the development of information technologies has been fostered a better interaction between planning authorities and citizens. WebGIS applications are key factors of a wider range of geographic information (GI), considering the diversity of research fields, being a communication tool of planning strategies. This article is focused on WebGIS as a skill to ensuring the effectiveness of planning process, comprising e-Platforms of transferring accurate knowledge about the urbanization and building rules; improving the procedural agility, timescale and equity of planning; and supporting the decision-making process of the urbanization and construction actions by local entities, under a complex set of data, documents, maps and drawings. The conclusion shows that WebGIS at spatial planning, guarantees a bigger satisfaction, boosting the collaboration and exchange between local authorities and citizens.

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