Effect of Nitrogen Implantation on the Structure and Properties of Austenitic Corrosion-Resistant Steels


Work is devoted to studying the effect of implantation of nitrogen ions into the surface

of austenitic stainless steels to improve their functional properties. Four grades of

austenitic corrosion-resistant steels 02H16N10M2, 08H15AG10D2, 06H15AG9NM2 and

09H15AG9ND2 were taken after cold plastic deformation and annealing from 680 ∘C

in water and subsequent implantation with N+ ions with different radiation dose: 0,01 и

0,1%. It was found that irradiation of austenitic stainless steels with nitrogen ions can be

considered an effective way to increase the hardness and yield strength of steels in the

operation in a corrosive environment.