Effects of sodium alginate capsules as 3D scaffolds on hormones and genes expression in preantral follicles of mice compared to 2D medium: An experimental study


Background: The improvement of in vitro maturation methods, which can activate the preantral follicle growth, plays a crucial role in the production of mature oocytes in reproductive technology.

Objective: To evaluate the different concentrations of 3D scaffolds of sodium alginate on hormones and gene expression in mice preantral follicles.

Materials and Methods: Immature female BALB/c mice (12-14 days) were sacrificed. The follicles were removed mechanically and transferred into α minimal essential medium with 5% fetal bovine serum. The preantral follicles were incubated with different concentrations of sodium alginate (0.25%, 0.5%, and 1%) and 2D medium for 12 days. The follicles were examined for antral formation following the 10th day and the diameter on days 6th and 12th. The levels of hormones (AMH, androstenedione, 17

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