Tubal ectopic molar pregnancy: A case report


Background: Ectopic molar pregnancy (EMP) is a rare form of gestational trophoblastic disease that occurs when a hydatidiform mole implants outside the uterus.

Case Presentation: We describe a 35-yr-old woman with mild abdominal pain, delayed menstruation for 2 months, and high beta-human chorionic gonadotropin levels. Sonography revealed a heterogeneous hyperechoic mass in the left adnexa and fluid in the endometrial cavity, suggestive of a tubal EMP. She underwent endometrial curettage and left salpingectomy. Pathology confirmed the diagnosis of invasive hydatidiform mole/left tubal EMP. The case recovered well and had no complications.

Conclusion: This case highlights the need for early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of EMP to avoid serious consequences from persistent trophoblastic tumors.

Key words: Ectopic molar pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Hydatidiform mole.

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