Spinal myoclonus as a rare presentation of neurological disease in Sudan


Background: Spinal Myoclonus is a very rare movement disorder characterized by myoclonic involvement of the whole body. Structural lesions are usually the cause ,but in primary spinal myoclonus the etiology remain un known. Case description: We presented a 50 years old farmer from east of sudan presented with jerky movement affecting whole of his body diagnosed clinically as spinal myoclonus .      laboratory study was normal, MRI brain &cervical&dorsal Spine were normal.The patient received clonezepam with marked improvement . CONCLUSION: In any case of spinal myoclonus EEG,EMG&MRI brain &spinal cord must be done to exclude structural lesions. Clonazepam is the drug of choice with magic improvement. in segmental spinal myoclonus botulinum toxin is the best treatment .

Key words: Spinal Myoclonus ,Sudan.

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