Medical education in Sudan: A recommendation to adopt competency-based medical education curricula for improving practices (SudaniMEDs)


Sudan is a leading country in health professions education (HPE), a sector which started 100 years ago. The history of HPE in Sudan dates back to 1918 with the training of medical assistants, with a school for modern midwifery opening in 1921 (1). The first college of medicine in Sudan—Kitchener School of Medicine (KSM) —was established in 1924, and is currently part of the University of Khartoum (2). About half a century later, two more medical schools—Juba University School in 1977 and Gezira University School in 1978—were established. In the 1990s, there was an enormous expansion in higher education, particularly in colleges of medicine, with more than thirty being inaugurated (3). Currently, Sudan has more than sixty colleges of medicine.