Perception of Faculty Members of Regional Medical School Toward Faculty Development Program


Introduction: Any types or process of activities that are performed by a group or an individual to enhance, promote, and improve the performance, competencies or skills of a health professional at an institute level are defined as faculty development which has many other names like staff development, academic development, and educational development. The importance of faculty development stressed by Harden is equivalent to curriculum development, which is a very difficult assignment.

Objectives: To determine the pattern of faculty members’ perception toward their weekly faculty development program.

Methodology: Enrolling the faculty members of the College of Medicine, University of Bisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( COM/UB,KSA). COM/UB adopting the innovative curriculum (problem-based learning, team-based learning, interactive lectures, and case-based learning and seminars. Each Tuesday, faculty members gather in the faculty development academic program (FDAP) room to discuss issues related to medical education and quality. Usually, there is a presentation on the selected topic over 25 min, followed by a discussion and workshop, and finally, a recommendation is drawn. The inclusion criterion is those staying in the college for a period of more than one year. New joiners and those staying for a period of less than one year were excluded. Faculty members were enrolled optionally and requested to fill a validated questionnaire.

Results: The response rate was 92% of total staff. More than 89%, 87%, 86% and 74% thought that the FDAP is useful to them, helps them in addressing academic issues in the faculty, is an enriching experience, and thought that it helps them in constructing high-quality multiple choice questions (MCQs). Finally, 84% were interested in presenting topics in FDP.

Conclusion: FDAP was positively perceived by the faculty members of the University Bisha/College of Medicine, since it enriches their experience and satisfies their academic job.

Keywords: faculty, development, academic, program, MCQs