Effect of Religiosity and Halal Awareness on Purchase Intention Moderated by Halal Certification


This study analyzed the factors that influence consumer’s purchase intention towards halal products, which are Religiosity, and Halal Awareness, Halal Certification as a moderating variable, using causal descriptive with hypothesis testing by using crosssection data collected through questionnaires. The method used was the coefficient of determination, significance regression from the overall sample, and personal significance’s parameters. The results of this study showed that Religiosity, Halal Awareness, Halal Certification, Religiosity * Halal Certification, Halal Awareness * Halal Certification, simultaneously affected the Purchase Intention significantly. While partly, Religiosity and Halal Awareness significantly affected the Purchase Intention before moderated. On the other hand, after moderated, Religiosity and Halal Awareness did not significantly affect the Purchase Intention. Meanwhile, Halal Certification did not strengthen the effect of Religiosity on Purchase Intention or Halal Awareness on Purchase Intention.

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