Analysis and Implementation of Process Business Integration Systems in Consultant Service Companies


This paper discusses the Analysis and Implementation of Process Business Integration Systems at Consultant Service Companies. This study took the case of a consulting service company in Indonesia with qualitative research and the process of collecting data through observation, interviews and trials. The consulting company divides the workintheformofprojectsaccordingtothenumberofclients.Businessprocessesthat are integrated into each project are very important to support project’s implementation activities and decision making that is fast, precise, and accurate. The impact of a system that is not integrated will reduce effectiveness and efficiency in the decision making process in the business. In addition, the management must know the progress of project’s activities in real time, detailed and timely, so that the management can make decisions quickly, precisely and accurately. Therefore, optimizing the company’s business system processes needs to be considered, so that the company’s business processes becomes effective and efficient. In this study, the author will optimize the system’s procedures before obtaining a project, implementing a project and after a project is done, and then providing a recommendation regarding the preparation of systems related to the business process.

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