Housing Preference Transformation in Selayar Islands Regency


The study was conducted to find out the changes in preferences of Selayar Islands Regency community from the use of stilts to landed houses. The study was conducted through the vernacular architectural exploratory method of Selayar Islands Regency in the Tanadoang Museum which uses the traditional house design of Selayar and Bitombang villages which are traditional villages that are 100-200 years old and still maintain the existence of Selayar vernacular architectural designs to present. Data collection was carried out by direct observation in the field and conducting interviews with the community regarding the preference for traditional house use to become a modern house. Existing Selayar traditional architectural design is a form of adaptation to the environment, lifestyle, and geographical conditions. There is a change in preferences for the use of traditional houses in Selayar Islands Regency, in line with the development of building structure technology and the improvement of the economic conditions of the community. The use of stilts with wood material is considered no longer economical because of the limited wood materials used.