The Implementation of Bali Aga Houses and Settlements’ Concept on Modern Houses and Settlements in Denpasar City


Denpasar as the capital city of Bali is facing high population growth each year from urbanization. One impact of this phenomena is decreasing the land provision for settlement. The growth of new settlements in Denpasar city currently featured a different character from the Balinese Traditional Houses of Bali Apanaga (BAP) in general, both from their forms and appearances; spatial patterns; materials and ornaments used. Contemporary houses in Denpasar are considered as a form of violation from traditional concepts and neglecting local identity. This paper investigates the ideas that are being used in modern houses and settlements in Denpasar today. A case study method was applied to several settlements in Denpasar using a qualitative approach for data analysis. Furthermore, reviews of the significant modern concepts were compared to the idea of BAP and Bali Aga (BA). The results show that significant concepts of forms, as well as the spatial patterns of BA houses and settlement houses which represent Balinese indigenous houses, have been more adopted by well-designed modern houses and settlements in Denpasar than the concept of BAP.