Physical Factors Affecting Access to Public Park in Areas of Unrest: A Case Study of Yala Municipality, Thailand


This research aims to study the physical factors affecting public park access in the unrest area, Municipality of Yala, Thailand. The sample consisted of 392 park users, covering 8 park sites. The data were collected from January to March 2018. The research found that the highest number of respondents in the park was found in the working age group of between 23 and 60 years old, with most studying at the undergraduate level. These respondents used the park for exercise (50.5%), relaxation (32.7%), and both activities (16.8%). The most frequent periods spent at the park were the 5-6 pm for exercise (51.52%) and rest (53.09%), with the length ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. The most favorite day is Saturday for leisure (66.67%) and exercise (57.22%) with the most popular park for exercise and relaxation being the Yala Municipality Youth Center and Chang Puek Park, respectively. This study also suggested that the most important factors are the distance (79.17%) and accessibility (80.41%) and that there is a high likelihood of exercising in Yala municipality, irrespective of its condition.