Community Participation Level in Kampong Ketandan As Tourism Kampong in an Effort of Kampong Preservation


Kampong Ketandan is one of five new Kampong in the pioneering stage made into a tourism Kampong as an effort to maintain the existence of the Kampong in the city center according to Surabaya Tourism Review Document year 2017. A form of community participation is required to preserve the historical and cultural values of the Kampong in the city. Thus, the research aims to identify the level of community participation of Kampong Ketandan as tourism Kampong in Surabaya to preserve its existence. The descriptive explorative method used by looking at the results of selected stakeholder interviews based on governments and the community itself. Afterward, content analysis was done to extract the condition of the participation level of Kampong Ketandan as a tourism Kampong based on the tourism component. The result shows that the highest community participation level is for attraction component in realizing the cultural attraction which at the level of ’Partnership.’ While the lowest level of participation is for an ancillary part in forming a support group of tourists and amenities component in utilizing souvenir shops and toilet facilities.