Toward Green City, Children’s Education on Cultural Behaviour


Children who are going to be the next generation that will be the citizens in today’s cities and cities in the future are going to live in the majority of the villages that have transformed into very big cities in Indonesia. These cities, with all their complex problems, require their citizens to appreciate as well as interact nicely with them and their communities. Therefore, it is very significant to groom the new generation that knows the green cities’ social behavior. The aims of this research are as follows: First, to describe the level of comprehension of the awareness of cultural behavior as the necessary behavior required to reside in the cities to build the great communities; Second, to organize the typical guidance for the child education on cultural behavior to green cities. The methodology employed in this research is the descriptive quantitative design together with tendency test that compares the mean or average of the research result as well as the ideal mean. The study was carried out in Surabaya, Indonesia. The result of the study indicated that the understanding level of cultural behavior revealed a reasonably good standard for all the four categories and a good level for the entire research. Reasonably good level implies that the understanding level is fair and needs to be improved to make it conform to the Surabaya development shortly. Thus, it is essential to develop guidance for children for cultural behavior education toward creating green cities.