Climatology of Discomfort Index for Decade in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia


Climate change as certain phenomena has occurred globally and the impact feels by people especially for those who live on the island. Weather pattern shifting is one of the evidence of climate change impact, and many scientists are still trying to prove it. Weather affected by a combination of temperature, relativity humidity, etc. The fact that those parameters closely related to the need of health especially temperature and relative humidity and well-known thermal scale grouped in a range called discomfort index (DI). This study aims to analyze the outdoor condition in Bandar Lampung by figure out discomfort index. Weather parameter collected from secondary data of Teluk Betung weather station from 2007 – 2017 in three levels of high, average and low condition. In that period, temperature and humidity in Bandar Lampung relatively stable between 20-35∘C and 50-100%. In general, the city encountered with varies conditions by high temperature above 29∘C and high relative humidity more than 85%. Meanwhile, DI changes from year to year are not significantly occurred that indicates in high temperature, average and low weather are everyone feels severe stress, more than 50% of people feel discomfort, and comfortable condition. Nevertheless, every year it already shows an uncomfortable situation especially in high temperature and even at an average temperature. Furthermore, the study needs to compare with other weather stations in Bandar Lampung.