Management of “Pekarangan” in Informal Settlement of Ciliwung River Riparian Landscape


Riparian is undefined government land and can be converted to other utilization. Riparian areas have natural connections throughout the watershed; they are particularly sensitive and often degraded by human use. One of them is the informal settlement, such as the residential areas in the Ciliwung River riparian which changed the land function from a conservation area. This research conducted in three sites of the Ciliwung River riparian section that is represented by the upper part (Kelurahan Katulampa); middle part (Kelurahan Babakan Pasar); and the lower part (Kelurahan Kedunghalang). The purposes of this research are: 1) to analyze the riparian settlement yard in upper part, middle part, and lower part, 2) to figure out people’s motivation for the management of land yard, and 3) to calculate the potential of land as water catchment areas and to support household-scale agricultural production. The remaining of land in the informal settlement is upgraded to fulfill the riparian function and to improve local people’s welfare. Data were obtained by doing a literature review on previous research with a systematic literature review method; by analyzing the agroforestry land use; and by analyzing plant production. Plants production for agriculture concept in pekarangan in Ciliwung River riparian, Bogor Municipality have high potency. The result of the study of all sites is combined into an integrated agriculture concept as an alternative to efficient land use. These concepts offer some benefits from the ecological, social and ecological aspect. It can be used to convince the community for improving their welfare, as well as raising public awareness about the primary function of the riparian landscape.