When The Office Becomes in Hand: Control Practice to the Prosumer in News Aggregator Uc News


In the last decade, many social networking sites and platforms are increasingly being driven by a user-generated content system. Now, users can be actively involved as a consumer and producer (prosumer) simultaneously. One of the digital platforms that has become a trend in the last decade is news aggregator. This research will examine how the control practices are carried out by the manager or administrator of UC News application, one of the largest news aggregator in Indonesia, to the content writers on the platform. The methodology that is applied in this research employs virtual ethnography to obtain representation of digital culture mediated by the internet. The data were obtained from the responses to a set of open-ended questions to six informant selected according to rate of activity in the platform and the period of involvement as a content writer in UC News. In conventional work systems, the relationship between workers and superiors often restricted by the geographical constraints. However, the development of the internet has changed many things. Clients, bosses, workers, and end-user products can be located in different corners of the planet. This research found that the controls carried out by ‘the superiors’ on content writers were not lost, but rather ran more naturally and manipulatively so that workers did not feel objected to them. The new form of capitalism in the prosumer era shows a new type of hegemony that is increasingly not simple.