Elementary School Students’ Creativity in Singing Activities


Everyone needs music and wants to express themselves with music. The most familiar kind of music is vocal music. Everyone naturally performs singing activities, either singing seriously or just for fun. This is also happened in children who are still in elementaryschool.Theyareproducingvariouskindsofsoundscreatively.Thepurpose of this study is to analyze the creativity of elementary school children in producing singing sounds to be heard as melodious songs. The research method applied is qualitative interpretative. The location of this research is Semarang City. The focus of the research is on the creativity of elementary school children in singing activities to produce melodious sounds. Data collection techniques used in this research are observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The technique of data validity used is data triangulation. Data analysis techniques follow interactive analysis from data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and verification or conclusions. The results showed that the creativity of elementary school children in singing is a natural creativity, in which they use respiration technique which they think is good naturally. They are resonance, diction, articulation, and phrasering techniques applied by children in singing.