The Effective Learning Models in Developing Problem-Solving Skills


21st-century learning demands and the 2013 curriculum, master problem-solving skills. Learning model that will be tested PBL, PjBL, and DL with a scientific approach. This study aims, to find out among the three learning models above, which learning model is the most effective for developing problem-solving skills. The research method used was quasi-experimental with the design of posttest-only control groups. The study population consisted of students seven classes of SMP 6 Petarukan the number is seven classes. Sample selection techniques using cluster random sampling obtained three classes for the experimental group and one for control. Data on problem-solving abilitiesaretakenusingmultiplechoicetestswithatotalof20item.Theresultsshowed: (1)therewerenosignificantdifferencesaboutstudents’abilityinproblem-solvingtaught byPBL,PjBL,andDLlearningmodels,butdifferedsignificantlyfromthecontrolgroup; (2) the effectiveness of the three learning models based on achievement from high to low is the PBL, PjBL, and DL models.