Analysis of Mathematics Literation Capability in Cube and Beam Materials on Mts Students Reviewed from Dependent and Independent Field Kognitiffield Style


This research is a descriptive qualitative research which aims to describe the mathematical literacy skills of the material of cubes and beams of class VIII A students at MTsN 2 Indramayu that it be seen in terms of cognitive styles of dependent fields and independent fields. Data will be whereas to describe the ability of mathematical literacy using observation; interview test; documentation. Data from this study were analyzed using Miles and Huberman (2007) data analysis which consisted of data reduction,datapresentation,andconclusiondrawing.Theresultsofthisstudyindicate that students in the Field Dependent cognitive style use the concept and the steps of the test work are still not appropriate. While students in Field Independent cognitive style use the right concepts and work steps. The advice given is that the teacher should provide balanced proportions in giving individual and group assignments to students (more conical).