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1. Introduction

The absence of a multi-bank payment system at UNJ, including its standards and application has caused so many problems not only the students but also university administration. These different systems cause the students' data to be out of sync in the finance and academic departments.

Payment System Jakarta State University is a web-based software that is functioned to support student payment activities both for prospective student payments and for registered student payments. Support for this process includes updating the payment status that is integrated with the bank, as well as payment history from time to time.

With the above conditions it is necessary to create an web service application for multi bank student payment system in State University of Jakarta.

2. Methods Methodology

Research focus

The purpose of this research is to design and building web service application system in the form of UNJ Integrated Payment System Application in Host To Host with Multi Bank. The outcome of this research are Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and web application.

Research methodology

The first process in this study is to formulate the problems described in the previous discussion. After that, conduct a needs analysis based on the SRS that has been made by the UPT ICT team to see the existing data needs.

After a needs analysis, the next is to do a database design and web service according to the needs of the system created. A web service is a network accessible interface to application functionality, built using standard Internet technologies [2]. This is illustrated in Figure 1. After designing, we are building a database and web service in accordance with the results of the design and testing using Postman method for both. If we still have errors, then we have to look at the design and the results of the coding script to trace the error. After all is finished and the web service is declared successful and feasible, then drawing conclusions and suggestions is made.

Figure 1

Web Service [2].


As for completing the completeness of the data, the author uses the Observation (observation) technique for data collection, at this stage an observation activity is carried out on the software requirement specification that has been made by the Information Technology and Information Technology Technical Implementation Unit of the State University of Jakarta to see the available data needs.

The test uses the unit testing method which is the testing carried out on each endpoint produced during the web service development process. This test is conducted to find out whether the web service is functioning properly in accordance with the requirements that have been determined.

We described the Use Case for the Payment system in Figure 2 and Student Tuition Fee Payment Process in Figure 3.

Figure 2

Payment System Use Case.

Figure 3

Student Tuition Fee Payment Process.


3. Discussion


In web service, the requirement table is shown in Table 1.

Table 1

Web Service requirement.

Column Name Data Type
id Number (INT)
No_reg Student's Register Number (STRING)
Nominal Nominal Payment in IDR (FLOAT)
Jenis_pembayaran Type of payment (ENUM)
Start_date Opening date for payment
End_date Last date for payment
Keterangan Notes
Status Payment status, paid, failure, not yet paid

Requirement analysis

The requirement analysis is shown in Table 2.

Table 2

Requirement Analysis.

Requirement Reasons
Payment status What is needed by the bank and pustikom
Payment log table To record all payment transactions
Failure Status For handling errors if there is a failure in the system
University Financial Information System There needs to be a Financial Governance Information System at UNJ
Web Service Web Service as the recipient of WSDL documents
User Interface As the screen for the Reporting Engine interface and the need for recapitulation

4. Result

Figure 4

UI template for Administrator.


The illustration of the user interface display can be seen in Figure 4. In Figure 4 shown the login user interface for the administrator. Basically all other stakeholders, university leaders, banks, finance departments have a similar appearance, except for students of course as they only need to pay at the bank.

With a standard username and password, logging in to the application is added with additional security questions to avoid breaking into unwanted applications.



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