Representation of Woman Image in Anthology of Poetry “Poetry of Rahim” By the Woman Poet of Five Countries


Women are interesting figures, superior, and brilliant. No wonder if during the many works of literature that feature images or figures of women like in the anthology of poetry “Poetry of Rahim” by the woman poet of five countries. This article meant to analyze “Poetry of Rahim” with a view to understanding the image of a woman from a woman’s point of view and to understanding the image of a woman from various viewpoints’, and societal cultures of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Thailand given that this anthology is composed of poets from these five countries. The method used is a descriptive method with a quantitative form. By using criticism of feminist literature conclusions are drawn regarding the woman image reviewed from a woman’s point of view in relation to the relationships with themselves, God, and with other people. Meanwhile the woman image in the understanding and culture of every poet representing their each country have red thread, which suggests that understanding of the mind not only exists in the aesthetic area but also plays an essential role in life.



Keywords: anthology of poetry, poet, woman image

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