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1. The Background of Study

The issue of professionality has never stopped haunted every profession, as well as for teachers who in the last ten years have been a vacancy for which people strive nowadays. With a high salary and benefits, being a teacher is very seductive. Behind the facilities acquired after becoming a professional teacher, a teacher is also required to maintain their professionality. In accordance with the list of terms on the lists of terms in the rules of KKG and MGMP, a teacher is a professional educator with the main task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, assessing, and evaluating learners on the early childhood education units formal education path, elementary education and secondary education. To maintain their professionality, teachers need a container to improve the professional competence of teachers. The container is a professional organization named Subject Teacher Forum (STF). The legislation of the Republic of Indonesia number 14 Year 2005 about teachers and professors article 20 paragraph (b) requires that in order to carry out their professionality, the teacher shall be obliged to boost and develop the academic qualification and competence on an ongoing basis in line with the development of science, technology, and the arts. Statement of the Act suggests that an educator must be someone who is professional, have the insight, knowledge, and skills to carry out the duties and obligations as a professional officer shown by having minimal academic qualification Degree, meet the standards of competence of teachers and professional educators are certified. With the mandate contained in the above legislation is expected through professional organizations can improve pedagogic competence MGMP, personality, social and professional. It also increases the ability to design, implement, and evaluate the learning process based on national standards and do the repair quality of education and learning on an ongoing basis.

According to KKG development signs and the MGMP (2009), an indicator of the success of the organization is indicated by (1) the attainment of improved quality of service learning, educational, fun, and meaningful for students. (2) the occurrence of the mutual exchange of experience and feedback between teacher members of KKG or MGMP. (3) Increasing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance of the members of KKG or MGMP in carrying out the learning process more professional is shown by behavior change better teaching in the classroom. (4) Increasing the quality of learning in the school through the results of the use of the results of the activities of the KKG MGMP or by its members. (5) The implementation of KKG MGMP activities for teachers, students, schools, or KKG MGMP, and Government (Central, provincial, and district/city). To prove success indicators above, needed research to analyze the role MGMP towards improved performance economics teacher in the town of Mojokerto.

2. Literature Review

Sense Of Professional Organizations

According to Anari (2012) of the Organization of the profession is a container assembly people who have a special expertise which is characteristic of a particular field of expertise. Said to be the characteristic of the field, therefore, acquired not by chance by just anyone, but obtained through a special line. The organization is a nonprofit organization that is usually devoted to a particular profession and aims to protect the interests of the public or members as well as professional on the part (Rugaiyah and Sismiati, 2011:24). One of the characteristics of a professional association was that it was formed based on professional goals and aimed to elaborated that profession so as to gain the recognition of society (Satori, 2012:619). From the explanation above it can be concluded that the organization of the educational profession is a container assembly of people who have some expertise and skills educating prepared through a process of education and training which is relatively long, as well as done in certain institutions that can be accounted for.

Purposes of Education Professional Organizations

One of the goals of this organization is to raise the awareness of the attitudes, activities, and quality of the teaching profession and to improve the welfare of teachers. As described in regulation No. 38 years 1992, article 61, there are five missions and educational objectives of the Organization, namely: improving and/or developing (1) careers, (2) ability, professional authority (3), (4) dignity, and (5) the welfare of the whole power an educational institution. While this vision, in general, is the attainment of produce educators are professionals.

The Role of the Educational Profession Organization

Educational professional organizations as well as a feature of the educational professions, and also has its own functions that benefit the members. Organization of the educational profession educational professional organizations as well as a feature of the educational profession serves as a unifying all members of the profession in its action to perform educational tasks, and have a function of increased the professional ability of this profession.

Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP) or Subject Teacher Forum (STF)

According to KKG signs and the MGMP, Directorate General of Public primary and secondary education, subject teacher forum is an association of assembly for teachers in subjects in a city or Regency that function as a means to communicate, learn, and exchange ideas and experiences in order to improve the performance of the teacher as a practitioner/reorientation changes the offender learning in class. MGMP is held with the aim of developing creativity and innovation in enhancing the professionalism of teachers. The liveliness of the teacher in the following activities of the MGMP consists of physical activity (physical) and the liveliness of the psychic which include; MGMP activities before following liveliness (preparation), active exercise MGMP liveliness, and post.

3. Methodology

The approach used in this study is a qualitative approach. With a choice of model discrepancy as the model used in the research, evaluation is expected to give a systematic method to evaluate the expected destination between the reality that exists in signs and guide operational the standards of conduct of the MGMP. Researchers conduct the observation and interview to find out what programs and activities undertaken during the period. Researchers participate in some regular meetings and activities organized by the MGMP economy. Researchers conduct observation, interview, questionnaire and charging document evaluating organizations by comparing the gaps that occur between signs and the MGMP KKG development drawn up by the Government with the implementation of the Economics STF of Mojokerto. The subject of this research is the subject of the informant in this case namely:

  • Chairman of the Economics STF: Febrianto Agung P, S.Pd from SMA Islam Brawijaya

  • Secretary of the Economics STF: Anis Istibsyaroh, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto

  • Treasurer of the Economics STF: Farida Astuti, S. Pd from SMA TNH

  • Planning Coordinator: Misti, S. Pd from SMAN 1 Mojokerto

  • Development Coordinator:Dra. Wiwik Andayani, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto

  • Public relations coordinator: Machmuda Iriani A, S. Pd, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto

Determination of the source of data on the people interviewed done on purposive sampling, that is chosen for consideration and specific purpose. In this research, the research locations selected by researchers is MGMP of economics in Mojokerto. MGMP activities are held once a month on Wednesday. Interviews and observations conducted in high schools of Mojokerto are already specified in the annual work program of MGMP economy, including SMAN 3 Mojokerto and Islamic high school Brawijaya Mojokerto. This research is descriptive research evaluative that aims to give you an idea of the reality of a program by invoking the concept of the theory has been developed against things are evaluated. In this case, the evaluation done is about effectiveness and efficiency the role MGMP Mojokerto Economic Organization. Data analysis techniques used are descriptive analysis techniques i.e. describe and interpret the data from each of the components compared to the reference criteria have been determined.

4. Results and Discussion

According to the results of research conducted, the researchers note that the role MGMP economy through factors contained in the monitoring and evaluation of the MGMP, among other inputs, processes, and outputs from the activities of the MGMP, described as follows:


Monitoring and evaluation start from the process input that includes components:

  • The organization,

  • programme activities,

  • human resources,

  • infrastructure and,

  • financing.

Based on the findings and exposure data on the results of a questionnaire on the content of the respondents and the results of interviews with respondents after the evaluation of the input factors on Economic MGMP Mojokerto votes already effective and efficient. On the organizational components of the economic Cities, Mojokerto MGMP already has a bylaw. MGMP city economy Mojokerto is headed by Febrianto Agung P, S.Pd from SMA Islam Brawijaya, with Secretary of the Economics STF: Anis Istibsyaroh, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto, Treasurer of the Economics STF: Farida Astuti, S. Pd from SMA TNH, Planning Coordinator: Misti, S. Pd from SMAN 1 Mojokerto, Development Coordinator: Dra. Wiwik Andayani, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto, and Public relations coordinator: Machmuda Iriani A, S. Pd, M. Pd from SMAN 2 Mojokerto. Stewardship is a period of two years and thereafter the administrators could be re-elected. Whereas on standard operating procedures mentioned that stewardship is a four-year period. MGMP has its own policies for determining the organizational period. Members come from 11 schools consisting of SMA/MA both public and private which is derived from the town of Mojokerto. Members who are always present at each school are teachers active in the learning activities on economic subjects in high school town of Mojokerto. The presence of active members of 20 members, out of a total of 22 members. Activities program drawn up basically is the main activity in the exercise of the activity of the MGMP. Activities program is essential to meet the needs of members in order to improve performance and professionalism as a teacher. The program should be made as attractive as possible and very beneficial to add to the interest of the members in order to participate in a program that plays an active role have been compiled. Work program suitable with the city economics MGMP Bylaws are as follows:

  • Revitalization and consolidation of the Organization

  • Research, development and empowerment organization

  • Improvement of the competence and qualifications of the members

  • Procurement of learning instruments and KBM device.

  • supporting fundraising relating

  • Publication and dissemination program

  • Cultivate hospitality between Member

  • Raise the cooperation with related institutions

  • Management of the workshops-workshops as a vehicle of empowerment of teachers

  • development of training workshops as a container headed for the performance of professional teachers

  • Empowerment workshops teachers anticipating the academic needs of teachers in the future.

MGMP Economics of Mojokerto does not have a website. Growing technology in Economics Mojokerto MGMP is supposed to have a website in order to facilitate the access of the members against the latest news are owned by the Organization and can be used in online learning. Programme of activities drawn up in accordance with the needs of the members felt it would be more beneficial if compared to continue existing programs. Programs need to be updated in order to be always fresh and motivate the members to play an active role.

On some activities need a tutor. The resource person serves to convey materials or as a mediator between the members with the material. Interviewees came from members and non-members. Interviewees usually come from the core teachers and supervisors. MGMP activities Economic venues of Mojokerto moving from one school to another school in accordance with the school's willingness to be occupied. There are no schools designated as core organizers MGMP activities place. Completeness of the facilities and infrastructure to support very convenience in conducting the meeting. In General, all the schools in the town of Mojokerto already have trimmings such as computers, LCD, and phone/fax.

Other components of the very existence of the organization are to support the fund or financing problems. MGMP activities Economic funds Mojokerto comes from dues members (non-governmental) and BOSDA. Member dues already running since the founding of the Organization, funds from the Member that is used for all activities of the MGMP. Each month the members deposit an amount of money to the Treasurer and later adopted for the entire activities of the MGMP. Independently MGMP can already raise the sustainability of the organization. Bookkeeping of all receipts and expenditures as well as the use of the budget, accountable to all members and reported to the funder. Input factors greatly affect the dynamics of the Economic Organization of the MGMP Mojokerto. Great input quality will facilitate the passage of an organization. MGMP activities management became the responsibility of the Executive Board, the members carry out activities with guided work programme drawn up by the Executive Board. Once evaluated can be seen that the input components in the Organization of the MGMP Economy already has a completeness of the Organization are ideal, both in terms of management, members, programs, facilities, and infrastructure to financing so that needs to be improved again to make it more effective and efficient.


Monitoring and evaluation activities in the implementation process include the MGMP activities in accordance with the implementation that has been specified in the input. The components that will be monitored in the activities of the process is the preparation and implementation of the work programme which is supported by the input components. In accordance with the exposure data, the process of planning and implementation of the Organization's Economic MGMP is enough effective and efficient. The input components in the MGMP city economy Mojokertosudah can support the process of the preparation and implementation of the work programme. In accordance with the signs that have been compiled by Ditjen PMPTK ideally the regular meetings held 12 times in one year. Regular meetings of the economic city of Mojokerto MGMP every Wednesday of the second week of each month. Meetings are held once a month. The meeting began around 8 a.m. and ended at 1 pm. With an allocation of around 5 hours. Getting started in performing the meeting agenda is absolutely necessary because of the need for coordination between the members and the Executive Board.

Implementation of activities is already done quite well. The frequency of meetings as described above and tried all work programme drawn up during a year can be implemented with either but if there is a Miss then the program will be continued in the next period so little forced. The management of the preparation and implementation of the program should be able to support the purpose of the achievement is already planned. Program in MGMP has not been able to reach the four competencies of teachers who have been on intimated in the signs if there has been no work programme that could represent the four competencies. Support from members, administrators and supervisors will make the MGMP increasingly solid and competent in terms of improving the performance and professionalism of its members. With the management of the preparation and implementation of mature destinations will be easily reached and the benefits will accrue to its members.


Based on factors of output shows the suitability regarding the results obtained from the MGMP activities with already planned work programme effectively and efficiently even though there are still shortcomings in the results of some program activities. The results obtained in the form of improved performance and quality of teachers to be more professional. Shown with the completeness of the teaching device owned by each Member of the results of the work programme in accordance with the MGMP exposure data and findings. Most of the members of the MGMP is a professional teacher of Economics indicated bypass the certification program by senior teachers who do have the quality of human resources. MGMP as teacher professional development on an ongoing basis for teachers who already have a certificate of educators. With regular meetings of teachers could open horizons and add new knowledge, know the latest information in the world of education and learning in particular current issues in economics. Benefits can also be perceived by students as learners, teachers implement the results obtained on the activities of the MGMP in terms of preparation of learning plans, preparation of learning materials and manage classes. It is most commonly applied model is the existence of the new learning that makes students more active and motivated. When the student is active then the material taught will be more easily absorbed by the students, so that an increase in the results of the study. In the implementation of the programmes already planned is not rare there are factors that impede its implementation. Factors restricting it comes from within organizations MGMP itself regarding the limited funds obtained to be used in the implementation of the programme of work since most of the funds came from non-governmental funds collected from Member dues and the MGMP from school each Member and administrator. From the school less leeway in giving permission when there are regular meetings MGMP economy. Restricting factors can be overcome by working with community colleges to conduct advocacy and coaching to the organization. Coordinating with the school to provide a teaching moment of meeting allowances MGMP is implemented. Evaluation of the Organization's Economic MGMP Mojokerto is meant to know for compliance between components that include the input, process, and output of the program is planned with an implementation that is in the field, especially MGMP economy.

Expected with existing input can carry out preparation and programs compiled with optimal results. The effectiveness and efficiency of the organization can be assessed Economic MGMP is pretty good. With a good input will encourage successful implementation of the programme of work and the resulting output will also be optimized. Alignment of the planned program with its implementation, analyzing the benefits derived from the implementation of activities, analyze the factors supporting a barrier as well as efforts to address the problems that arise during the organization. Seen from exposure to the results of interviews indicate that the MGMP city economy organization Mojokerto is already effective and efficient planning, program implementation activities as well as the sustainability of the organization. Each organization must have the deficiency, provided that there is a commitment from Trustees and members to improve and refers to the signs that have been drawn up by the Director-General of PMPTK then the Organization will be able to walk better. Support from party establishments-related agencies is also required in order for the MGMP is more noted for the sake of national education goal.

5. Conclusion

Based on the findings of the data and discussion has been done by researchers, evaluation is a process for obtaining an overview of the activities and the role MGMP economy to increased performance of the teacher in the management and implementation of activities inconsistent and sustainable generally subdivided into input, process, and output. With the following conclusions: 1) Input that includes components of organizations, programs, activities, human resources, infrastructure, and financing in the City Economy MGMP Mojokertosudah effective and efficient. 2) component of the process is the stage of planning and execution of the input that is already compiled. With the input that still was enough effectively and efficiently, automatically pushes the MGMP activities program successful implementation of the city's economy can be implemented optimally Mojokertosehingga. 3) component output is the result of an evaluation can be known by looking at suitability regarding the results obtained from the MGMP activities with planned work programme. The results obtained should be improved performance and quality of teachers to be more professional in accordance with Government expectations when holding this organization. By looking at input and process on the MGMP Mojokerto Economy there is improved performance and quality on economic guru.



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