Are Regtech, Fintech, Blockchain the Future?


British Financial Supervision and Control Authority has identified new technologies as a component of fintech. These components include regtech, insurtech, blockchain. These new areas of the market development are incomprehensible to a wide range of people. However, this area attracts venture capital which is actively growing worldwide. The prospects of development of these areas are interesting for many reasons: reduction of financial costs for market participants, reduction of information processing time, security of financial transactions, information security and completeness. The article describes: objective reasons of the occurrence of such a kind of the product, risks of using these products and advantages of their introduction in all spheres of life, as well as the scope of regtech implementation.

Keywords: Fintech, regtech, blockchain, insurtech

[1] Andrei Alyokhin what is RegTech: a new market for $120 billion to finance startups.