The Effect of a Celebrity Endorser on Purchase Interest through Brand Image


In facing the fierce competition between shampoo products, P&G features Lionel Messi as its celebrity endorser. Lionel Messi is well-known by the public. He promotes Head & Shoulders products, can be understood by consumers and suggests that Head & Shoulders shampoos help to overcome various problems experienced by consumers. The purpose of this study was to investigate the direct and indirect effects of a celebrity endorser on purchase interest through brand image, and the role of brand image as a mediating variable between a celebrity endorser and purchase interest. The research sample consisted of 329 participants. This was descriptive and explanatory research, which used a quantitative approach. Data were analyzed using PLS-SEM. The results were: (1) the celebrity endorser had a significantly positive influence on the purchase interest and brand image of Head & Shoulders shampoo products; (2) brand image had a significantly positive influence on the purchase interest of Head & Shoulders shampoo products; (3) brand image mediates the influence of the celebrity endorser on the purchase interest of Head & Shoulders shampoo products.

Keywords: celebrity endorser, purchase interest, brand image

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