Advertising and Marketing Strategies to Gain Top of Mind


Technological progress and competition between companies in the globalization era are increasing. New media plays an increasingly important role in advertising and marketing. In addition, companies’ survival depends on the presence of audiences/ consumers. Therefore, it is important and interesting to study how to utilize this new media/technology; how effective and efficient digital advertising and marketing strategies are in appealing to the audience; and how to ensure the products offered are acceptable to the target audience. This study carried out a literature review using a qualitative approach to obtain a framework of important concepts and strategies for effective marketing and advertising. It is important to pay attention to the objectives, audience and distribution / media of advertising and marketing. The use of various media such as social media, online advertising, digital signage and endorsers are also important factors in advertising and marketing success. Advertising and marketing strategies help to better understand consumers and how best to engage and empower them. Here technology has created a new environment, where power has shifted from advertisers to consumers. This research produced a variety of important strategies to attract audiences, obtain the AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) effect of the audience and finally reach the Top of Mind.

Keywords: communication, advertising, marketing, endorser

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