Service Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis for CV Ebenhaezer Berkat Langgeng


CV Ebenhaezer Berkat Langgeng (CV EBL) is a trading company and a formulator of a water-based adhesive that is used for woodworking, paper, and several other fields. CV EBL was established by Ir Purjono Wibisono in 2001. There was a decline in CV EBL’s profits due to the decline in economic conditions in Indonesia. Therefore, the researchers conducted this study to analyze the service marketing mix for CV EBL. This research used qualitative methods including in-depth interviews and information documentation. Every aspect of the marketing mix service had an important role in the trading company, but not all aspects of the 7P in-depth were effectively and efficiently implemented.

Keywords: marketing strategy, service marketing strategy, 7P, trading, formulator, Surabaya Indonesia

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