Lexical and Contextual Meanings in the Indonesian Song Terserah by Willy Winarko


Semantics is a branch of linguistics. This branch is important as semantics is related to meanings and without meanings, communication could not function. There are lexical and contextual meanings. By listening to songs, we can gain knowledge of how to appreciate literature and songs. Therefore, the researcher was interested in analyzing the meanings of the Indonesian song Terserah by Willy Winarko, which is a viral song focused on COVID-19. This study aimed to analyze the lexical and contextual meanings in the lyrics of this song. A descriptive qualitative research design was used. The results of this research were as follows: (1) the lexical meanings in the song are different from those in the context; and (2) the contextual meanings are oriented to the situation of COVID-19.

Keywords: Semantic, Lexical Meaning, Contextual Meaning, Interpretation

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