Female Personality in Hamka’s Merantau Ke Deli


This study demonstrates the female personality in Hamka’s Merantau Ke Deli based on Pearson. Merantau Ke Deli is a novel which describes the conflict between a Javanese woman, Poniem, and a Minangkabaunese woman, Mariatun, who are Leman’s first and second wives. They have very distinctive personalities that can be assumed as their personality in their own society. This is descriptive qualitative research using a sociological literary approach. The theory used in this study is feminism by Pearson with his scale item of feminity. The results show that the women in the novel have variative personalites. Poniem as a Javanese woman is portrayed as appreciative, helpful and considerate. However, she also has an emotional personality due to the provocation and insults from Mariatun. Maritun herself is portrayed as an emotional woman. She always provokes Poniem by insulting her tribe.

Keywords: femininity, appreciativeness, emotion, helpfulness, consideration

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