The Local Wisdom of the Mangarou Totok Spell Towards Natural Resources in the Simalungun Community: An Anthropolinguistic Study


This research aimed to describe the treatment process and the local wisdom of the mangarou totok spell towards the natural resources in the Simalungun community. This research applied an anthropolinguistic approach. The parameters of the study were interconnection, value and sustainability. The data were collected by in-depth open-ended interviews and direct participatory observation. The qualitative paradigm with the interactive model was applied during this research. Based on the research findings, there are eight steps in doing the process of the mangarou totok spell. Some of the types of local wisdom found in this research were: health, politeness, preservation, cooperation, care for the environment, social loyalty, positive thinking, commitment, and compliments. This research presents the variety of contributions focused on the sustainability of natural resources, namely: sitabar banana midrib, betel leaves, gambier, lime, areca nut, and black pepper. This research presents a new contribution to the economic and social activities of the Simalungun community. The implementation of the mangarou totok spell through natural resources can increase the Simalungun community’s income especially for shamans and the cheap cost of medications for patients. The mangarou totok spell also improves social activities because it teaches society to help one another voluntarily through budget treatment. The Simalungun community has lived in harmony by implementing the mangarou totok spell, the implementation of which requires the society to coexist with nature which provides them with the materials that they need in practicing the mangarou totok spell.

Keywords: Local Wisdom, Mangarou Totok Spell, Natural Resources

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