Semantic Meanings in “Demi Raga Yang Lain” “Semua Kan Berlalu” Songs


Semantics is a branch of linguistics related to the study of language in its function with regard to organizing and expressing meaning. The discussion is related to the lexical meanings in a song. By listening to songs, we can gain knowledge about literary appreciation and song background. Therefore, the researchers were interested in analyzing the types of meanings in songs that are currently popularly associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The researchers analyzed two songs: “Demi Raga yang Lain”, created by Eka Gustiwana, and “Semua kan Berlalu”, by 50 Indonesian artists and created by Maria Shandi. This research used descriptive qualitative methods. The data were obtained by gathering them from the internet, then reading and listening to the lyrics to understand the contents of the songs, and analyzing the data collected and making conclusions. Lexical and contextual meaning were found in the songs.

Keywords: song, lexical meaning, contextual meaning

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