Conceptual and Associative Meanings of the Word Turang in Karo Songs


The aim of this article is to explain the conceptual and associative meanings of the word turang as it is used in the Karo songs, entitled “Turang” and “Sia Sia Terang Bulan”. Turang is the word which is usually associated with the sister or brother, or between a male and female in one family or the same clan. Direct communications between a male and female of the same clan are not allowed or taboo. In another context, they can communicate with each other which is interpreted as the relationship among the lovers. This study was conducted by analyzing the lyrics of the songs in Karo’s language using a descriptive research method. Both conceptual and associative meanings were found in the songs; most of the meanings were associative, which is a part of pragmatic meanings.

Keywords: turang, conceptual meaning, associative meaning.

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